Jara Jones

Jara Jones - NYC actor/Exporter of Odes & Nonsense

Jara Jones is an actor, playwright, singer-songwriter, and poet residing in New York City. My site includes my resume, headshot, music for sale, and upcoming news about performances in theatre, television, and film.

Jara Jones is a brilliant, undiscovered treasure. As an artist, he possesses a powerful understanding of human nature/behavior!
— Ghost on a Stick - (Michael Valloney)
As Medvedenko, the poor teacher who loves her, Jara Jones paints a decent, gentle man far more perceptive than Masha gives him credit for
— The Seagull - (Orange County Register)
With relatively few lines, Jones burrows into his role
— One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - (Orange County Register)
Jara Jones’ Renfield is suitably loathsome
— Dracula - (The Scotsman)