Jara Jones

Jara Jones - NYC actor/Exporter of Odes & Nonsense

Jara Jones is an actor, playwright, singer-songwriter, and poet residing in New York City. My site includes my resume, headshot, music for sale, and upcoming news about performances in theatre, television, and film.


Just me and my best bud (a stuffed animal Bulldog I've named Rupert R Ruffington) sharing a tender moment!

What is nonsense?

Let's break it down.  It's a word with old French origins. You could call it a feeling not able to articulate with words or concrete existence. Other interpretations I like equivocate it to being not conscious inwardly of one's one state or condition.  But my favorite is this:  Nonsense is the obsession with small, self-proclaimed importance amid (and ignorant of) the complex world around us.  Nonsense is the art of walking sideways towards the truth.  

An example - here's a video of Rupert R Ruffington (the dog above)  meeting another furry friend (Señor Pugglesworth - a stuffed pug)  You can buy your own plush pets here and here!


1 )If you like short six second songs with hyper-dense lyrics, check out my Vine Page!

Examples:- songs about love, mental health, creative failure, violence, sassy jazz, and more!

2) For essays, poems, song drafts, and other rambles, mosey over to my blog: Odes and Nonsense !

Examples : Poems about beggars on horseback, music about faking to survive, and stories about the significance of homemade wooden ties.

3) And, if you want personalized monthly creative work, a sneak peek at upcoming projects, and a Q and A video each month, become a Patron on my Patreon account for pennies a day!

Examples:  Patrons receive monthly, wonderfully weird question and answer videos, weekly excerpts of written work, a first look at new songs, specialized poems for select donorsdiary entries, and more!  There's hundreds and hundreds of rare and first-look content, all yours for the taking!

EXPORTED NONSENSE (updated monthly)

  1. Cube Escape/Rusty Lake  -  The first nine games in this series are FREE.  Do them in chronological order (starting with Cube Escape: Seasons) If you're a fan of slow, creeping horror, absurd, difficult puzzles, or just wanted to live inside the world of TWIN PEAKS, you'll be swimming in butter.
  2. Three Dimensional Chalk Street Artists - it's breathtaking and so time-intensive and one quick rain wipes it all away..
  3. Mos Eisley Cantina - Google Voice TheatrePaul F Tompkins (comedian and American treasure) used to to do this sketch on his monthly variety shows where he'd put scenes from movies into Google Voice and then have actor friends read them.   It's delightful! 
Jara Jones (who played Claudius and the Ghost) - WHAT A PERFORMANCE!!! So dramatic, so “juicy” and compelling, so provocatively clever and just plain good acting! When he came out-YOU WOKE!
— The People's Astrologer