Jara Jones

Jara Jones - NYC actor/Exporter of Odes & Nonsense

Jara Jones is an actor, playwright, singer-songwriter, and poet residing in New York City. My site includes my resume, headshot, music for sale, and upcoming news about performances in theatre, television, and film.

Mid Year 2017 news!


Thanks to diet and exercise, I'm down 38 pounds!  

I've been writing (finished a ten minute play imagining the world between Act I and Act II of THE DUCHESS OF MALFI),  continuing with the wedding preparations (did you know that ninety percent of all wedding negotiations is the equivalent of two groups of people passing a paper back and forth until one agrees to stop?), auditioning on the island, and taking in some great shows.

INDECENT was one of those theatrical moments I'm grateful to have seen this month.  So full of ensemble masterstrokes.  The direction is riveting, and my dear friend Katrina Lenk took my breath away with how unguarded and vulnerable she was (never an easy feat to pull off in the vast confines of a house like the Cort)   If you're in NYC, GO. SEE. IT.  It's been extended until August 6th.